Monday, February 7, 2011

The First Heretic

This is my second review of a novel in the Horus heresy and I thoroughly enjoyed it it was right up there with Horus Rising and Fulgrim. It tells the story of Captain Argel Tal, of the Word Bearers and his Legion's decent from Worship of the Emperor, to the foul worship of Chaos Undivided. The book starts with the shaming of the Legion by the Emperor and the Ultramarines. It is at this moment we see the beginnings on the Word Bearers vendetta against the Ultramarines. This leads to Lorgar questionning his faith and wondering wether he was right to purge his home world of its native religion, all the time being egged on by Kor Phareon and Erebus. In his search for truth they partake in Chaos rites, on a planet that has a considerable role in the future of 40k, Cadia. Argel Tal leads his chapter ,the Serrated Suns, into the Eye of Terror guided but the daemon Ingethal ,where they bear witness to the truth of the Imperium and set into effect events that history at the time of the heresy. The novel also touches upon a subject that has long been considered taboo by many writers, the fate of the II and XI legions. I know many fans didn't like this but it may mean GW is going to tell their biggest secret since creating the game.

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