Monday, February 14, 2011

My review today is of  Temple of the Serpent, the 2nd book in the Thanquol & Boneripper series. I'm really enjoying this series with the main character also being the main antagonist. Grey Seer Thanquol has always been a comedic villian character throughout his published history, a being with great power that doesn't know how to use it properly yet he seem touched by some uncanny luck that means he survives the most fatal of situations. He is of course accompanied as always by Boneripper, I belive the current Boneripper is the 5th or 6th to bear the name. In this novel we follow Thanquol and his skaven party, a human merchant crew blow off course and the strange, unfeeling lizardmen.  Thanquol has disgraced himself and is approached by Clan Eshin to carry out a task for them to gain them favour with Clan Pestilens. The Slann mages in Lustria sense this problem and blow a human crew off course to combat this threat.
The humans are stranded  and most think of nothing but the fabled cities of gold. Only a few see it for what it is 'The Green Hell'. As the story progresses the humans a picked off one by one by the various predators in the jungle. With out spoiling the ending there are a few plot twists, which I didn't see coming. Overall I recomend this book to anyone, it can be read as a standalone novel or if you wish to read his full exploits they can be found it the Gotrek & Felix Series


  1. I think that if I pick up this series, it'll be best to start form the beginning. Good review though.

  2. Like I said it only the second book in the series so it'll be easy enough to pick up, but because its a spin-off series, to understand his references to the cursed slayer and his man-pet you really have to read from skavenslayer onwards

  3. meh like the movies i preefer the games XD, im so lazy